Elest Professional Academy is a boutique Cyprus provider of online professional development (CPD) or continuing education training (CPT). It was created to offer lawyers, bankers, CySEC certified persons and other professionals a flexible, interactive way to meet their mandatory requirements in each of the four subject areas of:

  • ethics and professional responsibility
  • professional skills
  • substantive law
  • laws and regulations
  • practice management and business skills.

It is also our goal to build a hub of collaborative professional development learning. Elest professional Academy was launched in February 2015. Our sole aim is to continue introducing the best-accelerated courses and offer a different way of training and development in various industries, giving thus a variety of options to professionals who are looking to gain new skills and knowledge in as short a time as possible.

What We Want

Professionals can choose between our CPD Courses and Bundle Package Seminars available throughout the year, so that they can deep-dive into a particular topic and earn professional certificates. ELEST Professional Academy gives to professionals also provides the option of annual subscriptions / unlimited subscriptions on a variety of CPD Courses.

We also provide practical IN-HOUSE training & development programs to reputable organizations choosing courses as they want from our platform’s catalogue of classes in key different subject areas, including Management & Leadership, Law, Regulatory Compliance, Accounting and Finance, ESG and more.


The flexibility to attend our courses on your own time, from anywhere, is why many professionals seek online courses. ELEST Professional Academy makes learning accessible and convenient with virtual meetings and asynchronous assignments, ensuring professionals learn with minimal time commitments.


Value is the key to build a hub of collaborative professional development learning!

ELEST Professional Academy remains committed to ensuring that all courses and training and development programs still provide high-quality education and knowledge, even if they come with a lower price tag. We compared what other providers offer in terms of course materials and presentations, access, course completion and documentation, and more to guarantee that professionals are getting the knowledge, skills and support they need and deserve.

Professionals’ Satisfaction

Within a demanding and changing environment affecting all industries in which we are operating, our aim is to turn to professionals who have completed our courses and hear what they had to say about their experiences. At the end of each seminar/course, ELEST Professional Academy provides a detailed Questionnaire for review and assessment of any comments or suggestions, including the quality of the education they received and their interactions with Lecturers and our firm’s support.

Lecturers and Associates

Our experienced Lecturers deliver practical #courses for lawyers, compliance officers, accountantsauditors and regulated markets professionals. Our target is to continue offering CPD Courses and In-House Training & Development Sessions by industry-leading Lecturers creating thus courses focused on in-demand skills across a variety of industries.


+ Courses per year

A huge selection of courses


Got any issues? Get in touch!


+ Certificates

issued for every attendant


Each course is designed to be engaging, interactive and very easy to understand.  It is simply a matter of choosing a course and getting started your professional development.

Our courses incorporate text and use different learning features, including images, video and audio material, all of which enhance the learning experience.  New training courses are continually added, reflecting changes to the professional environment.

You will be able to print a certificate of completion for your records.


ELEST Professional Academy offers a complete range of CPD Courses Online 24/7, 365 Days a year.


Our company is developing an online professional development program to fit every sector and professional.

Until now you have probably been taking time out to attend seminars, write papers, watch a video or listen to audio podcasts.

Soon you will be able try professional development online, an easier than you think.

You can just get started or you might wish to learn more by taking a look at our frequently asked questions.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, feedback, suggestions about a topic you would like to see or just want to discuss your training experience.

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