The Dynamic Equilibrium of Productivity: Leveraging Cognitive Peaks and Valleys


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Learning Outcomes:

Develop the capability to discern and allocate high-impact tasks during cognitive peaks and manage alternative workstreams during cognitive valleys

Short Description:

Immerse yourself in a transformative approach to productivity that respects the ebb and flow of cognitive energy. This course guides you in recognizing your team’s cognitive peaks for high-stakes tasks and understanding the valleys as opportunities for equally important, less demanding workstreams. By adopting this dynamic equilibrium, you enable a work environment where every moment is capitalized upon, transcending traditional notions of “off” days or wasted time.

Method: Online – ΖΟΟΜ
Date: 13/11/2023
Time: 09:00 – 13:00
Cost: 119 Eur (including VAT)

Speaker: George Hadjivarnava

Speaker: George Hadjivarnava – Seasoned Tech Leader and Serial Entrepreneur

A pioneer in remote work since 2013, George Hadjivarnava has mastered the art of building and leading remote asynchronous teams, setting him apart in the modern work landscape. After serving as the Technical Co-founder and CTO of Foody, which was acquired by Delivery Hero, George transitioned to lead engineering initiatives at the acquiring company. He also actively engages as a co-founder and consultant in various start-ups and initiatives, bringing his wealth of experience to new ventures. George focuses on providing a robust data foundation, seamless global and third-party service integrations, and comprehensive billing and invoicing systems. His top skills lie in Leadership, Software Engineering, and Tech Strategy. George combines technical and business acumen to create and execute impactful technology strategies. His management approach is deeply rooted in domain-driven design and sociotechnical system design, enabling him to deliver scalable and reliable solutions.
Beyond his professional commitments, George serves as the Board Treasurer for the Larnaca Tennis Association, is a member of JCI Larnaka, and holds a position on the board of JCI Cyprus. In these roles, he manages finances, develops financial strategies, and ensures that all financial activities are properly recorded and reported, showcasing his versatility and commitment to community involvement.
George is fluent in both English and Greek. He holds a BEng in Computing from Imperial College London, where he gained a deep understanding of not only technical aspects but also organizational management processes and decision analysis.
George’s upcoming courses are designed to offer valuable insights across a range of topics, making them suitable for professionals in various fields looking to upskill and make impactful changes in their organizations. His expertise in remote work adds a unique dimension to his courses, providing actionable strategies for modern professionals.

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